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About Us

About Us

Architecture takes many forms from basic utility structures to complex artistic expressions. Each building design is the result of the architect's interpretation of the owner's needs, desires, and wishes. We at Gordon Johnson Architecture believe that each and every building project should incorporate the following 5 design peramaters.

Efficiency - Optimized use of space, materials, resources, and labor to construct and use the structure.

Functionality - Buildings planned around how people use them. Emphesis is placed on clear simple plan organization and the placement of building components.

Flexibility - Provides the ability for buildings to easily accomodate use changes, additions, and reorganizations over any period of time.

Cost Effectiveness - A properly planned building balances initial costs, maintenance costs, and long term costs with the owners' needs and budget.

Delightfulness - Buildings are made attractive by artfully composing their forms, spaces, and details. The most successful designs are typically those that achieve their delightfullness with minimal need of detail (threrby also being cost effective).

Depending on the owners' preferences one or more of these five parameters will have priority over the others. It is very important for the architect to listen and apply these principles based on the client's wishes.

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