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Carlie C's IGA


Grocery Stores

About Us

A Mission of Service
Carlie C and Joyce believe that customers are the most valuable asset of a business, that it does not cost anything to be friendly, and that the reward for being friendly is great. The cost of not being friendly, on the other hand, is very high. It is extremely important to make customers feel welcomed and at home in your business. The first and last contact should be friendly and courteous. One of the most important responses we can give our customers is “yes, we have that item” or “yes, we will get it for you.” For us, “no” is not sufficient. We strive to accommodate our customers with the products and services they ask for. We offer unique signature items that are not available at other retailers. We aspire to have items available for sale throughout the entire promotional time frame. We seek to offer the best possible product, at the best possible price, in a clean store with plenty of help and friendly service.

The second most valuable asset of a business is the staff of employees. The staff needs to be well informed of activities inside the business. They must be well trained and motivated. Carlie C’s always does it best to hire and nurture staff members who enjoy their work and strive to be more efficient. As an independent operator, we can be flexible to accommodate the needs of our staff. Our staff must have faith in the products that we offer. We are constantly striving to obtain products at the best possible cost so that we can, in turn, sell them at the best possible price.

The history of Carlie C’s speaks to a deep-rooted love for community, friends, and family. Today our primary purpose is to love and bless the communities with which we serve. It is the history of our company, and it is our reason for being in business.

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