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About Us

Eco Solutions is a privately held, woman-owned sustainability consultancy that provides educational sustainability training & presentations as well as home & business assessments and instruction in Cumberland County, North Carolina and surrounding communities. We provide professional assistance and proven solutions to today's environmental challenges that save you money, improve efficiency, enhance your brand and customer affinity, strengthen resiliency, and protect the environment among many other benefits.

Our Service & Assessment Focus Areas incorporate the pillars of sustainability and include:

- Awareness & Education
- Waste Reduction & Recycling
- Energy Management
- Water Efficiency & Protection
- Green Purchasing
- Clean Transportation
- Resilient Grounds Keeping


To help champion greater sustainability and strengthened resiliency in the local and global community, environment, and economy.


Eco Solutions is dedicated to protecting and improving our natural environment by cultivating community relationships that inspire greater environmental awareness, encourage resource efficiency, and empower bolder sustainable action.


- Human & Environmental Health
- Caring & Compassion
- Community & Service
- Awareness & Education
- Efficiency & Resourcefulness
- Sustainability, Resiliency, & Empowerment


"Small steps when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world." - Howard Zinn
Reap the benefits of a sustainable business with Eco Solutions!  .
We provide educational & engaging sustainability presentations and training.
Eco Solutions helps you create a healthier and resource efficient environment at home & work.
We provide helpful resources and proven solutions to environmental challenges.
Step-by-step we can help you begin or improve your sustainability journey today.
Helping Businesses Move Beyond Environmental Uncertainty and into Sustainable Practice.
"A very passionate and infornative presentation."  - Blashfield Sign Company
Inform. Engage. Inspire. Empower. Act.
Information + Collaboration + Innovation = A Cleaner, Greener Economy
"The nature of consumption is the consumption of nature."
Moving from a linear to a circular material economy.  Think, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Compost."
Transporation emissions are the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.
Water efficiency & protection includes WaterSense labeled appliances and reusable versus single-use plastics
As the momentum of sustainability is increasing, so are all the green benefits!
Solar Power: the cleanest, greenest, & most cost efficient energy on the planet!
Electric vehicles help improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions.

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Anne Schrader

Greater Fayetteville Chamber